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3 free alternatives to have your music in the cloud

Some people cannot concentrate on a routine task except with the help of music. If this is your case, you may be interested in knowing some ways to have your music library in the cloud to be able to access it from any mobile device or computer with an Internet connection.

Upload your music to Google Play Music

The first service that allows you to stream your music that we are going to discuss is the one offered by Google Play Music .

This service has two variants in which two types of music storage services are mixed .

On the one hand, there is the Google Play Music streaming music service , in which you can listen to and manage millions of songs, but you do not have direct control over the music files you listen to, and the storage and playback service of your own music music in the cloud .

While the first service involves paying a monthly fee, the second, which is precisely the one that interests you, is completely free.

The free Google Play Music service allows you to upload up to 50,000 songs to the cloud . This is the best offer for music storage in the cloud of all the services there are and by far.

To upload all your music to the Google Play Music cloud, you will need to use Music Manager , a tool that will manage the upload of files.

Download the tool and install it on your computer. There is a version for Windows and Mac OS X.

When the installation is finished, it will ask you for a Gmail account with which to link the music service. Then check the option Upload songs to Google Play and click Next .

Next, choose where the music you want to upload to the cloud is located. 

Music Manager is able to automatically recognize where the music is saved, depending on which player you use.

For example, you can check the iTunes option  and Music Manager will already know where to find your iTunes library. If instead you prefer to manually specify which songs should be uploaded to the cloud service, choose Other folders .

Then select the music folders to add and click Next  to upload them.

Upload your music from the browser

Google perfectly masters everything that refers to services on the web, and knows that the most important thing is to offer maximum comfort to users, so if you prefer, you can also upload your songs to Google Play Music from Google Chrome .

To do this, go to the Google Play page  with Google Chrome and, from the side menu, go to Music .

After logging in with your Google account, go to the My Music section .

If you have already uploaded music using the previous method, in this section you will find all that music. 

Now, click on the Options icon located in the upper left corner and the side menu will be displayed. In this menu, find the option Upload music  and drag the song or music folder that you want to upload to Google Play.

You can also click the Select button on your computer and use Windows Explorer to select the folder or files.

When the files upload is complete, they will be displayed in the list of the music that you have already uploaded.

Play your music from the cloud

Once you have uploaded all your music to the cloud, you can play it from any device, either through a browser, accessing Google Play Music and logging in with your user account, or from the Google Play Music apps available on the application stores for Android systems, such as iOS.

Both from the app and from the browser, the Google Play Music service integrates a complete player from which you can classify all your music by artist, album, songs, etc., create playlists or play all your music randomly.

Upload your music to Amazon Music

It is not one of the best known Amazon services , but in addition to offering an extensive music catalog in its online store, it also offers a storage service so you can enjoy your music in the cloud .

Amazon's cloud music system is very similar to the one we have already shown you with Google Play Music, although its storage capacity is not as generous as the Google version.

With Amazon Music you can store up to 250 songs for free, not counting the music you buy from its online store, which will be automatically added to this space in the cloud, but they will not count as part of those 250 songs that you can upload on your own. The system proposed by Amazon is a multiplatform system that you can access by starting your session from any computer or from the different apps for mobile devices.

The only thing you need to start enjoying your music space in the Amazon cloud is an Amazon customer account.

Access the Amazon page  and click on the Hello option . Identify yourself .

In the drop-down menu that appears, choose the My Music Library option .

If you have not logged in before, or have not yet created an Amazon user account, from this section you can also do so by checking the option No, I am a new customer . After logging in, you will access this Amazon service.

Upload your music library to Amazon Music

As with Google Play Music, to upload music from your computer to Amazon Music , you will need a client program to act as an intermediary.

Once you have accessed your space in Amazon Music, in the options side panel, click on Import my music and, in the pop-up box that appears, click on Install Amazon Music for PC .

The program will then be downloaded which, once installed, will allow you to reproduce and manage the content of your Amazon cloud.

After the first start of the program, log in with your Amazon customer account and access Your Library . Then click on the Upload option  on the top bar.

In this section, click on the Select files  or Select folder button , depending on whether you want to upload individual songs or entire albums. You can also drag the files directly to the program interface to add them to your cloud.

All new files added will start uploading immediately.

In the Status column  you can see which files have already been uploaded and which are in process.

When the upload is complete, your music will be available to listen to from any device.

Access your music from any device

In the previous section we already showed you how to access your music library from Amazon's own website.

Accessing this website from any browser you can play all the music that you have uploaded to the cloud, create playlists and even download the music files to that device to listen to them offline .

In addition to doing it from the browser, you can also access Amazon Music from its app for Android or IOS mobile devices.

After downloading and installing the app on your device, enter your Amazon Music username and password and you will have access to your music.

The Amazon Music app behaves like a music player, organizing and classifying your music in the cloud by artists, albums, songs, etc. But, just like from the web version, you can download your music to the device to listen to it without consuming data.

To do this, select any of the songs that you have uploaded to the Amazon cloud and tap on the Options icon that appears on the right. In the drop-down menu, tap on the Download option .

From that moment on, that song will also be available offline. Access these downloaded songs by clicking on the Cloud Library option   and changing it to Offline Library .

OneDrive and Groove Music

If you have already updated your PC to Windows 10, you will not need anything else to upload your music to OneDrive and enjoy it from any browser or portable device, Android or IOS. Doing so is as easy as copying the files from one folder to another on your computer. Let's look at it in more detail.

Windows 10 already includes in its installation OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage, which combined with Groove Music , the new Windows 10 music app, make listening to music from anywhere much easier.

It will be enough to open the Windows File Explorer, and in the side panel, expand the OneDrive folders . Then copy your music to the Music folder on OneDrive. And that's it!

It's that simple to upload your music to the Microsoft cloud .

From now on, all that music that you have copied will be available online so that you can access it from any browser or from your Android or IOS smartphone or tablet.

Your music from a browser

The easiest way to upload your music to OneDrive is to do it from your computer. However, it is not the only way to do it.

If your computer doesn't have the OneDrive client installed, you can also use its web version to upload and listen to your music.

The first step will be to access that web version of OneDrive.

To do this, you need a Microsoft Live ID account (you can use a Hotmail, or email account to log in with it). If you already have a Microsoft Live ID account, go to the OneDrive website  and sign in. You will then access your space on OneDrive.

Now, use the Upload option that you will find at the top to upload your music files.

If you want to download any of the songs on the computer you are using to listen to them offline, mark the songs to download and click Download . But if your intention is simply to listen to music, double-click on any of the files and the Groove online player will automatically be activated, from which you can listen to all the music you have uploaded, create playlists with it or play it randomly.

Cross-platform OneDrive and Groove

OneDrive and Groove Music have apps that are compatible with OS X, iOS, and Android.

So you can use OneDrive from any device .

You can download these apps from the respective app stores. Its use in portable devices is very simple and, as in the rest of the “music clouds” that we have shown you, you can also download the music files to the device to listen to it offline.

The Groove Music application allows you to organize the music stored in OneDrive and play it as if it were hosted on the device itself. You will simply have to log in with your Microsoft Live ID and it will automatically synchronize showing you your music. Then tap on any of the songs and it will play.

If you want to download your music to the device. Long press and on the song or album you want to download and choose Available offline .