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Beatbox, gospel and church choir. Curiosities about the a cappella song

During this pandemic, singing has been one of the things that has been prohibited due to the  risk of contagion . The truth is that we have been singing for centuries, with or without instruments. From  Spain Directo  with this publication we are going to take you back to the  beginnings of this  peculiar song without instruments:  the a cappella song!

Where does the term 'a cappella' come from?

The origin is linked to the word capela or capella that  comes from Italian . This word means  chapel . This is due to the prohibition of instruments in churches during the  Middle Ages .

So we have to  go back to this time to talk about the beginnings of  a cappella singing . We started with the Gregorian chant in addition to other types of song that were  adapted to be sung without instruments .

Why is it so difficult to sing a cappella?

There is no accompaniment, so it is a very demanding form of singing. There is no fixed base, therefore it is the singers themselves  who have to keep the song  at the same tempo.

The  musical styles  that can be practiced with a cappella singing are very varied ...  come and meet them!

1.- Elcesiástica song

They are not only united by the origin of the word. A cappella singing is closely linked to ecclesiastical singing, since church choirs rarely have an instrument with which to accompany themselves.

2.- Beatbox

It is a genre that has become very fashionable in recent years. Not only through a cappella singing, but as a genre that is capable of making the most original rhythms. One of the groups that best imbues voices and incorporates the  beatbox  is 'Pentatonix'.

3.- Gospel

We are sure that you have seen the movie Sister Act. Well, Góspes music is precisely that. The most complete definition is: religious music that emerged in African American churches in the 18th century that became popular in the 1930s.

Unlike Christian hymns,  gospel music is light in character . This way of singing is called that way because it is an evangelical song to invite people to God.

A few years ago, one of the films that paid the greatest tribute to a cappella singing was released:  Giving the Note . It was one of the  feature films  that most highlighted  the importance of singing and served as a common thread throughout the film .